Add Order Buttons to an Existing Website (OrderAnywhere)

Do you already have a website that you want to add Order buttons to? ShopSite's Order Anywhere feature makes it easy to add order buttons and a shopping cart to your existing website. No matter what you used to create your pages, you can easily place ShopSite add-to-cart buttons on any HTML page.

Watch an Order Anywhere Video Tutorial to see how easily you can add order buttons to your website:

In three simple steps you can begin taking orders right off your existing pages:

  1. Add your product to ShopSite.
  2. Create Add to Cart buttons using OrderAnywhere.
  3. Paste the order buttons on your existing HTML pages.

Your ShopSite store doesn't even have to be hosted on the same server as your website. You can also customize your ShopSite shopping cart to look similar to your existing website.

Creating an Order Button

After creating your product in ShopSite, use the OrderAnywhere feature to create the order button. Select the product you want to create an order button for, and ShopSite will display the order button and HTML code for the product. For example, here's a product from the Al's Tools demo store, and we've used OrderAnwhere to place the order button on this page:

Belt Sander

In some WYSIWYG editors, you can copy or drag the order button straight from ShopSite and paste or drop it onto your HTML page. For other editors, ShopSite can show you the HTML code for the buttons and you can copy and paste it into your editor window. The example below shows the HTML code used to add an order button for the Belt Sander product above to a page:

<a href="*14a411dac56fb01605b2274b&dbname=
products&itemnum=116&function=add"> <img src="" border="0"></a>

The examples above are exactly the same as what you can expect using Order Anywhere. You can try it out by selecting either the Add to Cart button or the HTML from the examples above and pasting it into a page using your favorite HTML Editor. Then, click the button on your page to place the product in our demo store's shopping cart.

Quantity and Other Options

Do you also want to have quantity and pull-down options displayed on your product pages? ShopSite can automatically generate all the form elements for your products:


Handle Color

Just like with a simple button, you can copy the links off the OrderAnywhere page, or ShopSite will generate the code and you can just paste it into your web page.

Manually Generate Order Buttons

If you don't want to go to the Order Anywhere screen and create a button for each individual product in your store, the OrderAnywhere by SKU feature in ShopSite Pro is an easy solution. You can easily have ShopSite create order buttons that use the product SKU in the button information. Once a button is generated, the only difference between buttons for different products is the SKU value. You still create your products in ShopSite, but once you have created an Order Button you can use the same HTML code for order buttons, only changing the SKU for different products.

Try It Out

See how easy it is to e-commerce enable your web site. Get a ShopSite demo store and either use the existing products or add your own. Then go to the Merchandising section and click on the OrderAnywhere button to generate your buttons. Place the buttons or HTML code on your existing site. It's that simple!

To learn more about placing order buttons on your website, see the Order Anywhere Video Tutorial, or read the OrderAnywhere online help. The online help also has instructions to change the order buttons to match your store, and other advanced features.

Customize the Cart Pages To Have The Same Design

When using the OrderAnywhere buttons the only ShopSite created pages that you are using are the cart pages. You can get the same look and feel in your ShopSite shopping cart pages as you have in your non-ShopSite generated store pages without learning how to create a custom template. More information on how you would set this up can be found by clicking here.

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