ShopSite Resources for Designers

ShopSite Custom Template Cookbook

ShopSite was made with Web designers in mind. Whether you use a WYSIWYG editing tool or like to get down to the nuts and bolts of HTML, you can integrate ShopSite into your designs. Many of ShopSite's back office fields allow designers to insert HTML code directly into them, customizing the look of that area of the store. More extensive customized design can be achieved using the tools below.

There are also a number of other ways to customize the look of a ShopSite store. You may want to look at the ShopSite Customizing FAQ. To see some of the things a Web designer can do using ShopSite, you may want to look at what some of our Certified ShopSite Designers have done. ShopSite also has a number of Developer Tools that designers may find useful.

Custom Templates

ShopSite's Custom Templates give a designer complete control over the appearance of a store. Every customer-facing page generated by ShopSite is controlled by a template, and ShopSite Pro and Manager stores allow designers to create and upload their own templates using a combination of HTML and ShopSite's Custom Template Tags. For more information about Custom Templates, see the ShopSite Custom Templates Tutorial or the ShopSite Custom Template Help. You might also want to check out the Custom Template Cookbook, which includes a variety of ready-to-use examples of custom template tags.

CSS Compatible

ShopSite uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the appearance of ShopSite generated content, and many of the Default Templates included in ShopSite also use CSS. In Pro and Manager stores, you can include your style sheets in custom templates, or you can import a style sheet into a default page by inserting CSS in ShopSite Pages.

JavaScript Friendly

JavaScript is one of the most popular and easy to use tools for spicing up a Web page, and ShopSite was designed with that in mind. We even use JavaScript to provide features such as the popular MiniCart, and to put Customer Registration links on store pages (both features are available in ShopSite Pro stores). Whether you just want to tweak the appearance of one of our JavaScript features, or if you want to include your own scripts, it's easy to do. You can insert JavaScript into many of the data fields in the ShopSite back office, including a special field in ShopSite Pro Shopping Cart, Checkout, and Thank You screens that will add your JavaScript to the start of our built-in cart validation script. You can also insert JavaScript into the head of Pro and Manager store pages using the technique described in our JavaScript in ShopSite Pages FAQ. For ideas more ideas about adding JavaScript in your ShopSite E-commerce store, see the information about using our Shopping Cart JavaScript Variables in ShopSite Pro.

Dynamic Content (SSI, PHP, ASP, etc.)

While ShopSite creates static HTML pages by default, it can also be used to create dynamic content served up using Server Side Includes, PHP, Active Server Pages, or whatever dynamic content system your Web server is configured to use. Simply include the dynamic content code in your ShopSite Product and Page fields, or create a Custom Template using the dynamic code, and then make sure your files are named with the correct extension to tell your Web server to use the right dynamic code parser.

Custom Checkout Fields

ShopSite Pro stores allow designers to add their own form fields to the shopping cart by using Custom Checkout Fields. The options the customer selects will be passed on, along with the other checkout information, as part of the order, including the option to display the information on the Thank You screen and Email receipt. To learn more about this powerful feature, see our Custom Checkout Fields help page.

OrderAnywhere Buttons

ShopSite's OrderAnywhere feature gives designers the ability to put product links on any HTML page. If you've already designed your own site, or if you aren't ready to learn how to use Custom Templates yet, using OrderAnywhere links is an easy way to tie a Web site into the ShopSite shopping cart. For more information, see the OrderAnywhere page.

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